“Think It Over”

Think It Over


I started life as a pretty happy Lil guy who was born in Dallas Texas in 1938. The war broke out and dad joined the Marine Corp. Mom and I traveled until the war ended. Dad came home as a hardened Marine and used the Corp. as his parenting example. I busted out in 1950 and went into the permanent runaway mode until God caught up with me in 1957. Changed my life. Called into the ministry. Trained as a Southern Baptist, became a Pentecostal and traveled the USA doing revivals and radio programs.


Became disillusioned and went into fundraising with Trade Promotions for cities and shopping centers.


Too much like the bad part of the ministry. Went into Financial Planning in 1967 and moved to San Francisco, prospered until I became involved with a woman.


Moved back to Texas and started creating and building new businesses. Built and sold several profitable businesses and moved to Phoenix, AZ.


Consulted for a while from my office on Central Ave next to the Playboy Club. Created an Advertising firm with a partner downtown Tucson. Married my best ad salesperson with 5 kids. Experienced fatherhood in a big way.


Created a company building Hydroponically equipped greenhouses. Followed the technology to Dallas with American Hydroponics in Colleyville, outside of Dallas. This company was headed up by a high-priced litigation attorney. Learned a lot. Sold some $6,000,000.00 dollars in 13 weeks on the road doing seminars. Lost a lot of money, learned a valuable lesson.


Sleep closer to the closet if you think you will want a clean shirt every day.”


Packed the finance portion of what I had learned up to that date and started raising capital for smaller businesses. Did very well until I went down with pneumonia, almost died. Took off almost a year to recover, business shattered due to my absence.


Repacked my business as a one man show and took it on the road. Sold a lot of training and affiliated brokers as new agents for fundraising. Did well until 2010 when I was struck by diabetes and then neuropathy, lost the use of both legs and gained too much weight. Went into depression.

Worked my way out of depression and started looking and learning how to do on-line seminars. Learned about blogging. Learned about on-line training and producing webinars. Now in the process of packaging it all together and restarting my life again.


Primary platform is exchanging thoughts on what I call the four corners of the foundation of “America, the Concept”. My theories, based on observation and interpretation is that Religion, Education, Politics and Military Training and Thought rule the real world we call America. It is this environment where we live and fight to succeed.

My thoughts at this time is to title it “America, The Concept”. Your input would be appreciated.

-Jerry D. Hill-